Films and Photographing 2 Weddings in 1 Day

For the first time ever in my career, I shot 2 weddings in one day.
Wedding 1: Phoebe and Dan, a short photography package. I turned up at 9:30 ready to photograph the groom and groomsmen as they had their button holes put onto their lapels in the florist, then followed them down the street to Lichfield Registry Office. After a little waiting around Dan and the guest were allowed to go inside the building, leaving me, outside, in the blazing sun. For those of you that are unaware I am ginger. The sun to me is big no no. Anyway I survived (as you probably already guessed being as I am writing this blog).
The ceremony was due to start at 10:30, 10:30 came and went and still no sign of Phoebe (the Bride). She eventually arrived around 10-15 minutes late, which in a church or civil ceremony wouldn’t really be that much of an issue, however, registry offices are very busy, so it was quite a rush.
Phoebe and Dan really love each other, you could just tell from the moment he laid eyes on her walking up the isle.
It was a beautiful ceremony followed by some photos in Beacon Park then across the road to the war memorial. What a fantastic morning.

20 mins drive then.

On to the next wedding, this time at The Oak Farm Hotel in Cannock for Charlie and Jessie.
This time my job was to film the ceremony and speeches and also the singing waiter (who was a surprise from the brides mum).
What a lovely bunch of people, this was probably the quietest wedding I have ever filmed. The people were super polite and very down to earth, a lovely place to be.
From the moment I got there I loved every minute, filming everything that was happening. They even had a caricature artist.

A very busy, but really enjoyable day.

Would I do 2 weddings in a day again?

Who knows? Never say never!